Hello World,

Finally the long awaited Prelims of ACM ICPC Amritapuri 2011 arrived….. and things went far better than i had anticipated. My team(named MalaviyanCoders) finished AIR 129 in the prelims round. This can be considered a decent performance based on the fact that 780 top teams comprising of best coders from all major universities of India, including IITs, NITs, IIITs,etc. competed in the event.

The problems this year were easier than last year. All the problems seemed to be wrapped around a single algorithm(Counting Sort). It was fun solving the problems as i was familiar with this algorithm. Irrespective of the difficulty level, we still managed a decent rank, as the time in which we solved the problem was better than many other teams.

The thrill and excitement that prevailed at our BASE was so much that after solving each problem we jumped and shouted at top of our voices. It was all fun, and i hope that my team makes it to the Indian finals(chances are high, as we finished first of three from our college). This post would be incomplete if i donot mention my teammates Ajeet (aka Coder) and Brajesh (aka Bristy) , along with me Karthik ( aka Karry ). It was a team effort and all of us performed well. It could have been better, cuz considering the level of the problems we aimed at solving 4 if not all 5 problems. We even got close to solving 4th also but ran out of time before we could submit our solution. Although, little dissatisfaction about ones performance always remains, no matter how good one performs . And this drives us to work harder and become better.

So last day turned out to be one hell of a day. Had a super busy schedule all day long. With ACM ICPC running between 9am-1pm (IST) , followed by some competition at my college (2pm-4pm), followed by some assignment submissions for the courses run by stanford university(,, before submitting also had to go through the 4 hours video lecture provided with the course. Finally crashed at my bed at around 2am. But i was proud of myself at bed time. Hoping to continue this hard work…….

Signing off until next time.


  1. I’ll add the problems and solutions as soon as possible, in a separate post(Sorry for the delay).
  2. Qualified for the onsite round, but end Sems(majors) might not let us participate. (DAMN!!!)
  3. Happy Diwali to all.!!!

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  1. Really these were very exciting moments…,
    when we were solving the problems…..,
    It was memorable moment……..

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