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WebEngage Interview Experience

Hello World, I recently had an interview with “WebEngage“. It is an exciting Indian web-start-up. Quoting them from their website “The most powerful in-site customer engagement suite for your website that lets you collect Feedback, gather customer insights using hyper targeted Surveys and drive sales/conversions via push Notifications”. There is a video and a live demo of […]

Are you a JavaScript expert?

How sure are you about your Javascript skills ? Try and answer the quiz below. Begineer: Intermediate: Expert: (This post is #copied from  

Originally posted on Making the Complex Simple:
With the coming and passing of the predicated date of the Mayan apocalypse, I got to thinking about what kind of final advice I would leave the development world in the event of my untimely departure. I suppose this is quite a strange thing to ponder given the…